With nearly half of the 12-13 NBA season, analysts have a fairly clear idea of which teams are playoff contenders and which are firmly in the lottery.

The change in popularity of teams based on ticket prices on the secondary market based on data from VividSeats.com is also revealing.

The Brooklyn Nets have the largest increase in price from last season, with a 105 percent jump from their final season in New Jersey.

The Chicago Bulls have the NBA's largest decrease at 27 percent, undoubtedly related to the injury to Derrick Rose.

Despite the departure of Dwight Howard, the Orlando Magic have only had a decrease of four percent. Also noteworthy is that the Houston Rockets have a four percent decrease even though the team seemingly improved their markability with the acquisitions of James Harden and Jeremy Lin.

Atlanta Hawks: 4% Increase
Boston Celtics: 7% Decrease
Brooklyn Nets: 105% Increase
Charlotte Bobcats: 41% Increase
Chicago Bulls: 27% Decrease
Cleveland Cavaliers: 59% Increase
Dallas Mavericks: 7% Decrease
Denver Nuggets: 1% Decrease
Detroit Pistons: 17% Decrease
Golden State Warriors: 8% Increase
Houston Rockets: 4% Decrease
Indiana Pacers: 25% Decrease
Los Angeles Clippers: 16% Increase
Los Angeles Lakers: 21% Increase
Memphis Grizzlies: 1% Increase
Miami Heat: 6% Increase
Milwaukee Bucks: 22% Decrease
Minnesota Timberwolves: 1% Increase
New Orleans Hornets: 99% Increase
New York Knicks: 9% Decrease
Oklanhoma City Thunder: 1% Increase
Orlando Magic: 4% Decrease
Philadelphia 76ers: 7% Decrease
Phoenix Suns: 7% Decrease
Portland Trail Blazers: 13% Increase
Sacramento Kings: 7% Decrease
San Antonio Spurs: 9% Decrease
Toronto Raptors: 12% Decrease
Utah Jazz: 7% Decrease
Washington Wizards: 4% Increase