Aside from Andrew Bynum, the Philadelphia 76ers have several players whose contracts will come off the books after this season.

At that point, the 76ers' plan will be to take advantage of the flexibility -- which is why any move in the middle of this season will have the future in mind.

"We have a lot of questions that we want to answer and they still aren't answered," Tony DiLeo said. "We have to be patient and try to get some answers. But for the future, we feel we're in good position, we feel we have a lot of options, so we'll just try to answer those questions and move on. We built this team and we want to see this team on the court [with Bynum] and see how we can play with this team. On the other hand, if there is an opportunity that arises that we think can improve our team, then we'll do that. But we don't want to jeopardize anything for the future."