Michael Beasley has lost some of his playing time with the Phoenix Suns to P.J. Tucker.

Beasley has played just 11.8 minutes per game over the past 10 games, down from his season average of 21.6.

"It’s all a process with him," said Alvin Gentry. "There are just a lot of things — some on-court stuff, some off-court stuff. He’s had a great attitude. It’s just one of those situations where he has to continue to work at it, to continue to explore what does he have to do to be successful — not just on the court, but off the court. He’ll continue to work at it. He’s had a great attitude."

The sentiment expressed by Gentry in regards to Beasley's attitude is somewhat surprising given his reputation around the NBA.

"See, if you don’t know him, you would say that. But he’s had a great attitude. And I have to take some of the blame for everything with him. I put a label on him before he even got here — that he was going to be our go-to guy, a guy that’s going to do this and do that. And that’s unfair to him — [saying that] without going through training camp and understanding what he might be for our team. So a bit of all this has to be my responsibility. It was predetermined what he was gonna be before we even hit camp."