Throughout most of his rookie season, Harrison Barnes has been passive while learning the ropes of the NBA. The Golden State Warriors, however, want the rookie to be aggressive offensively all the time.

"It takes us to a different level when he's attacking and aggressive," Warriors coach Mark Jackson said. "At all times he's on the floor, I want his foot on the gas pedal. I want him to force me tell him, 'Slow down, young fella.' "

Barnes has scored in double-figures in six of his last eight games, averaging 11.1 points on 51.5 percent shooting in that span.

"It's important for him to realize that he has the (green) light," Jackson said. "If he wants to come down, get a rebound and facilitate a play, I want him to do that, and he has the light to do that. He has the light to go up to Steph and say, 'Run my play.' ... I want to see him aggressive. And I think that's going to come."