P.J. Carlesimo believes Brook Lopez has taken the next step in his career with the Brooklyn Nets and is playing at an All-Star caliber level.

“He’s playing as well as any center in the league,” said Carlesimo. “I don’t know another center that is playing better than him. There are a couple others that are playing really well too, but I don’t think there is anybody playing better than him. He’s done a heck of a job.”

Lopez leads all centers in points per game (18.64) and PER rating (26.12), and is fourth in blocks per game (2.06).

Carlesimo also cited the improved play of Deron Williams and Joe Johnson, along with each player’s past track record, for possible All-Star consideration.

“They are all worthy of being All-Stars,” said Carlesimo. “Two of them are All-Stars, Brook should be and if he’s not this year he’s going to be eventually. Hopefully it’ll happen this year. It’s in the coaches’ hands now, so I feel good about that. There are fifteen teams in our conference, so we’ll just see what happens. The only good news is if they don’t make it, they will get some rest.”