Aaron Gordon brings a mature approach to his game and is analytical when breaking down his options of Kentucky, Arizona and Washington.

"Let's start with Kentucky," said Gordon. "It's a winning organization. Coach (John) Calipari is a winner. It's a true basketball program. The Wildcat Launch is right across the street from the gym. You can go in there 24 hours a day. There's a curfew. It's almost like a business. If you really want to play basketball, that's the place to go.

"Arizona is a shooting program and coach (Sean) Miller is a really good shooting coach. They are losing two of their really good seniors, Kevin Parrom and Solomon Hill. It's a great place to go to school. I'd be happy there if I were to go there. Miller is a really great coach.

"Obviously (Lorenzo) Romar is a really great coach also at Washington. They have a really good offense – it's a 1-4 high, almost like a John Wooden offense. They look to push in the first eight seconds. It's up-tempo but also very structured. It's also very basketball oriented."

Gordon is applying the recruiting lessons learned by his older siblings Drew and Elisabeth to his own process.

"Drew made a poor decision his first time around and great one the second time," he said. "My sister made a good one to Harvard. I've been able to see the dos and don'ts of the recruiting process and it's allowed me to really open my eyes to a lot of things.

"Ultimately, it's my decision and nobody else's."