Anthony Bennett has averaged just 10 points and shot just two free throws over his last three games, all against Mountain West Conference opponents.

"It's a lot tougher," Bennett said of conference play. "They are just trying to stop me. They are going to do whatever it takes, if it's double-teaming or just being straight up physical with me. But I think I'm going to adjust to it soon, and hopefully it will get better."

UNLV coach Dave Rice said opponents have adjusted to Bennett’s skill set.

"Conference play is different in terms of how teams scout and in terms of how physical the games are. I think it's been a little bit of an adjustment for him," Rice said. "Anthony was fantastic in nonconference, and so teams are going to set their defense around him. He's the first person on their scouting report, so they're going to guard him hard and know where he is."

Bennett is still adapting to the physicality of college basketball on the offensive end.

"In high school, I never really had all that stuff," Bennett said. "We have a lot of weapons, but they feel like they need to double-team me to get the ball out of my hands, and it is what it is. I'm not going to try and force any shots or anything. I just want us to win."