Andre Iguodala appears to be leaning toward staying with the Denver Nuggets long-term, and to do so, he'd have to opt out of his current contract this upcoming offseason and sign a multi-year extension.

“A lot of players have done it where they’ve gave up a large bulk of their contract, say, giving up $16 million to get $60 million,” said Iguodala, who turns 29 years old on Monday. “In the grand scheme of things that makes sense. But if you give up $16 million and you get $20 million (it doesn’t make sense). So it’s all about playing your cards right and seeing where you’re at. At the end of the day winning takes care of everything, so if we win here, then hopefully the organization and myself will come to an agreement and we’ll continue to build on what we have here.”

Iguodala is slated to earn $16.2 million next season.

If Iguodala opts out, he'll almost assuredly have to accept a lower annual salary.