P.J. Carlesimo is not sold on the NBA’s growing trend toward small ball lineups.

“To me, big teams are still the teams that are winning in this league,” Carlesimo said. “Miami is the exception. But Oklahoma City was the other team that made it to the Finals. Boston when they were in. San Antonio when they were in. I know everybody is saying that’s the way the league is going and that’s the way with the match ups. But to me, if you still look at the elite teams in the league, particularly the elite defensive teams, most of them are playing with a 4 and a 5. Most of them are big and they wail on you. Most of them are good defensively and they’re a very good rebounding team."

Carlesimo has started Reggie Evans at power forward for the last 13 games -- a stretch during which the Nets have gone 10-3.

“I still think that’s the way to go in this league,” Carlesimo said. “No one likes having to defend against Miami, but Miami would like to be bigger themselves. I don’t think they said we’re going stay small so nobody else can do that. If they can get another big to go with [Chris] Bosh and LeBron [James], they’d welcome it.”