James McAdoo is still learning how to be North Carolina's go-to guy.

McAdoo went from playing behind three NBA first-round picks as a freshman to the top of the scouting report this season.

"The defense was never aimed at him — we still had Harrison Barnes, Tyler Zeller, John Henson and those guys," Tar Heels coach Roy Williams said. "It's a lot easier when the defense is not aimed to stop you. And now who do they talk about? They talk about James Michael and Reggie (Bullock). It's hard to handle that."

McAdoo has attempted at least 15 shots just five times all season.

"He wants to be one of the guys," McAdoo’s high school coach, Michael Allen, said. "He wants to show up and do his job and go home. That's just his personality. You're not going to change it. Part of you wishes he was just a little meaner ... but at the same time that's just his makeup. It is what it is. I don't consider it a weakness. That's just the way God made him."