With the NBA's new collective bargaining agreement making it difficult for team to have three max contract players, the 2014 decision awaiting LeBron James has become more interesting.

Over the past few months, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Memphis Grizzlies have traded away James Harden and Rudy Gay, respectively, as they avoid the luxury tax.

James' agent, Rich Paul, has been privately telling people for two years that he is interested in bringing his client back to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Paul's agency, Klutch Sports, is based in Cleveland.

"Riley has never given them the run of the place in Miami," one high-level associate of James' inner-circle said, "and they could all be back in business together in Cleveland. For Rich and [business manager] Maverick [Carter], they all see the benefits of getting the credit for bringing LeBron home again."

Dwyane Wade is entering his thirties, while Kyrie Irving may be the NBA's best point guard in his prime in 2014.

James has been contemplating a return to Cleveland throughout his tenure with the Heat, even second-guessing himself the night of decision. When owner Dan Gilbert released his infamous letter, James understood that there was no turning back, according to the report.