The Toronto Raptors earlier this season fielded trade inquiries about Andrea Bargnani, general manager Bryan Colangelo confirmed.

Bargnani has been sidelined since Dec. 12 with a right elbow injury.

"There's teams interested I know that," Colangelo said. "I've got a handful of situations that people were monitoring this whole injury process. I'm not saying anything with any concrete nature that he's going to be traded but we're looking to make our basketball team better and I've pretty much told everybody: nobody on our team is untradeable based on some of the things we are looking to do and what our objectives are."

Colangelo expects Bargnani to return with a chip on his shoulder, which could stimulate trade talks.

"You're going to see, I think, a rejuvenated Andrea Bargnani when he comes back from the injury here in a few days," Colangelo explained. "He's got something to prove. Maybe he proves just enough to create a trade conversation.

"I will tell you that any interest in Andrea -- which there was quite a bit early on in this season -- went by the wayside when he got hurt. So that's just a natural part of the business when a guy's not playing you can't really discuss him."