Tim Grgurich is back with the Denver Nuggets, this time as a temporary consultant to George Karl.

Grgurich spent five seasons under Karl before joining the Dallas Mavericks when they won the title in 2010-11.

“He gives me eyes, the pulse of the team,” Karl said. “Someone to give me another opinion on where he thinks we need to go and what steps (to take). There’s still two or three small steps of progression this team needs to make and your time in practices gets shorter. So having him prioritize here in the next week or two is important.”

Grgurich is considered a player-development guru.

“I’ve got him up here for a few days,” Karl said. “He’ll hang out with us for the next three games and, I don’t know where it goes from here but he’s a great coach, he’s a great friend. I think he has a love for the city of Denver and also the Nuggets. I know he loves the gym, so it’s an opportunity to get him in the gym.”