Kevin Garnett clarified comments he made last Wednesday about this being his last All-Star appearance.

"I did say that, didn’t I?" joked Garnett. "I’m just being honest. To think that, first off, not to take this for granted and I’m more than honored and flattered. But to think that two years left, who knows what the future’s going to hold for me. I can’t say that I’m going to be an All-Star next year at 37-38 years old. That’s ludicrous.

 “But yeah, I don’t anticipate -- I never said that I wasn’t going to anticipate playing like an All-Star next year, I didn’t say that. But to sit up here with all those young guys and up-and-coming talent, I can’t just that. I’m not that brash, that egotistical of a guy say nothing like that. I’m more than honored to be here, it’s not by coincidence; I’m working hard like the next man. But to sit up there and say that next year [he'd be an All-Star], I would never disrespect the game like that."

Garnett, 36, signed a three-year, $36 million deal this offseason.

"I hope I’m not playing at 40," said Garnett. "I don’t know. Forty, to all you guys that are 40, excuse me before I say this, and ladies who are 40, but I don’t want to play until I’m 40. I love to hoop, by the end I want to be like -- when I’m 40 I want to be in the YMCA somewhere, busting a guy like you up, talking trash to you, killing your ego. Shooting the hook shot left and right, something I never do, and enjoying it. I put my time into the game, I actually enjoy playing with the lights or without the lights, but I feel like these times in which I’m going, the game is hard, it’s very difficult to go out here and play these minutes and put in -- I prepare the best way I can every night, but it’s challenging, man. It’s very challenging."