Leslie Alexander said Saturday that Daryl Morey’s contract, which is guaranteed for one more year, will be extended soon.

“His contract is up next year, I believe,” Alexander said. “We’ll re-up him. Daryl knows that I judge him all the time. I’ve told him. He’s not shy about it either. He just knows that’s the way I operate. Why wouldn’t I? The general manager is the one person in your organization you can really judge. He can make good moves or bad moves. This year, I think he’s made three terrific moves.”

Morey traded for James Harden and signed Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin as free agents over the offseason.

Alexander believes Harden’s presence will help attract more talent.

“I think it’s maybe easier in a way because players want to play with James,” Alexander said. “That’s an attraction we didn’t have before. They like the city. All players like the city.”