The Toronto Raptors continue to explore trade scenarios involving Andrea Bargnani, but are also prepared to keep him.

Bargnani's role with the Raptors has changed given their acquisition of Rudy Gay and the emergence of DeMar DeRozan.

"All of a sudden the outlook and the presence of a guy like Andrea is entirely different now," said Bryan Colangelo. "He's not relied on as a No. 1 guy. He has never been paid like a No. 1 option, but people wanted to criticize that he couldn't handle that role. I've always felt like he's been slotted in salary-wise as a No. 2 or No. 3. Maybe he's kind of fitting in nicely now.

"If a trade doesn't occur before the deadline, or even this summer, maybe it's because we figured out that with the evolution of the team he is the right guy to be a part of this team. He's been through the hard part. This may be the easiest part ahead of him.

"I would say (the situation) is fluid. There may have been an outright cry (to trade him) externally, whether from the media or the bloggers, to make a deal. But internally, we've always said that we recognized that a change of scenery may be helpful for him and maybe beneficial for us. But we always recognized the talent, and I believe that – in some of the trade discussions I've had – the market recognizes the talent. And we didn't want to do something just to do it."