Monty Williams wants Anthony Davis to focus on fundamentals, and forget about making highlight-reel plays.

“You remember thrilling and home runs,” Williams said. “I’m trying to push solid. I’m more concerned with him setting solid screens or making sure he’s in the right spot on the weak side. The home-run plays and the thrilling plays are a lot easier.
“We’re stressing solid, singles over home runs. The ability to do that for a young guy is tough.”

Davis played in the rookie-sophomore game during All-Star weekend in Houston.

“They watch All-Star weekend with a bunch of nonsense, and they you try to get these guys back to playing winning basketball instead of the oohs and aahs,” Williams said. “He’s been that kind of guy. When those plays present themselves, he’s capable of making them, and he makes it look easy. He’s going to be a great player someday.”