Danny Granger admitted sitting out with a knee injury was "kind of depressing." But he finally felt good returning to the Indiana Pacers on Saturday against the Detroit Pistons.

“It feels good to be back,” Granger said. “I missed all of this.”

Granger says his knee still is not 100 percent and he's uncertain when it will reach that point. For now, the key for Granger is to stay confident in his knee and not think about his movements and cuts off the knee.

“It’s such a process,” Granger said. “You go back three weeks when I started practicing, it would get sore, then the next week it was less sore and last week it was less sore. They say it’ll eventually go away. We have all the MRIs to back it up. It’s a matter of getting my knee acclimated to playing at a high speed.”