Steve Nash is overseeing the Canadian National Basketball Team, which could have a golden generation on its hands with Andrew Wiggins, Tristan Thompson, Anthony Bennett, Cory Joseph, Trey Lyles, Andrew Nicholson, Myck Kabongo and Kelly Olynyk coming up the ranks.

Nash's first request was to increase the budget for the team.

“We need money to fly players around, have coaches, have scouts,” said Nash. “It’s the bare minimum of what other countries do. This was something we couldn’t do if I didn’t sign on.”

“We’re heading to a place when we will have to cut NBA players for the national team,” Canada Basketball CEO Wayne Parrish said. “And hopefully the bond is so strong that they’ll get it.”

“Look back 10 years or so, when players didn’t feel a need or a want to play for Canada,” Nash said. “I don’t think there’s that tangible tradition for our program. We have to be a program that really benefits the players. We used to say, ‘You have to play for Canada.’ Why? Because it’s your country. We have to do better than that.”