Greg Monroe may until the end of the 2013-14 season before addressing whether to sign an extension with the Detroit Pistons.

Monroe could enter into talks with the Pistons after his third year, which would be this summer.

"Greg isn't gonna go backwards between his third and fourth year," Monroe’s agent, David Falk said. "I don't think I've ever done an extension after a third year. In the 90's you maxed out a guy after his second, but the (CBA) rules are different now.

"When I evaluate things, with a player of Greg's stature: Take the money out of the equation. I can get it from five different teams. 'Are there players I want to play with? A coach I want to play for? A city I want to live in?' My job is to make the money as insignificant as possible (relatively)."

Monroe is scheduled to become a restricted free agent in July of 2014.

"What incentive does a player have to do an extension after his third year? For me personally, it's difficult to do that," Falk said. “The structure of the CBA, for me, I can't speak for others, I question why that makes sense.”