John Hollinger indicated the Memphis Grizzlies have no immediate plans to install SportVU, a next-generation scouting system already implemented in half of the NBA's arenas.

SportVU uses six cameras to collect positioning data of every player on the court and produces real-time statistics well beyond the traditional box score.

Hollinger described the technology as a potential game-changer in the analytics arms race, but the seemingly infinite pool of data makes him wary of its immediate utility.

“It’s such a revolution that it presents its own challenges,” he said. “The biggest issue is the tsunami of data that they are going to unleash. There’s a lot of great information in there, somewhere, but the ability to process it — that’s the challenge.”

Hollinger said that he has had little opportunity to work with the players who are currently on the team, because he showed up in the middle of the season and was initially focused on player transactions.

“It was a little hard to jump in and start making demands or whatever,” he said. “So I think our approach has probably been a little cautious. There hasn’t been a lot of opportunity to implement deep analytic concepts at this point.”