Rod Thorn confirmed that insurance will reimburse the Philadelphia 76ers for at least a portion of Andrew Bynum’s salary this season.

"There is a league-wide insurance that he's under that gives you some relief along those lines," Thorn said. "It's the same league-wide program that every player's under. Unless you have a pre-existing condition — and he didn't — so he's on the same one as everybody else.”

Thorn declined to disclose the percentage of salary relief the Sixers will receive from insurance.

"I don't want to say," Thorn said. "It's an insurance policy that everybody in the league has for their top players.”

Bynum is still determining whether to undergo arthroscopic surgery to remove loose cartilage from his ailing knees.

"I don't know exactly what's going to happen," Thorn said about whether Bynum will opt for surgery. "I think Andrew is very attuned to himself physically. He's obviously seen a lot of doctors, so I think he'll be able to make that decision when the time comes."