Mark Cuban does not anticipate any slippage in Dirk Nowitzki's game over the next few seasons.

Nowitzki has helped guide the Mavericks to a 6-2 record thus far during the month of March.

“Dirk is dialed in,” Cuban said. “He wants to see how far we can take this. What we’re seeing now from Dirk is what we can expect to see from him next year … and the year after that … and the year after that. At least.”

Nowitzki will turn 35 in June.

“It’s a different world now,” Cuban said. “Look at Tim Duncan. Kevin Garnett, Kobe, Pau Gasol, Paul Pierce … You’ve got guys with the technology to stay healthy longer. The science of dieting … it’s completely different now.

“Thirty-six is the new 30. It’s a plus-six right now. Ten years from now it will be a plus-10. Guys that are coming out of college now will be playing at 42 and 43 if they’re good.”