John Beilein sees similarities in the floor game and leadership capabilities of Trey Burke and Chris Paul.

"It’s probably unfair to compare anyone to (Paul)," Beilein said. "... But there are certainly many similarities. They can hit the in-between jump shot, he has a great pace to game. Paul has worked so hard at his game and he’s elevated it like the way we hope Trey can one day. This young man’s got a fire in his belly to be the best player he can be and make his team win.

"I have a sense that if you check Chris Paul, he’s probably got that same fire."

Burke studies top point guards like Paul, Rajon Rondo and Tony Parker.

"When you watch those guys, they’re more than just great point guards out there on the court," Burke said. "They’re actual leaders and the coach on the court. You want to model yourself after guys like that because you have your teammates’ respect.

"Instead of criticizing them in negative ways, you can go up to them and tell them what you see or tell them what you feel like you need to do so it can be done."