Vinny Del Negro doesn't think the Los Angeles Clippers have an issue with tension between their players.

"There's always things that -- the frustration builds. There's no question. And Blake (Griffin) and Chris (Paul) especially are two of our All-Stars and our biggest pieces," he said before Sunday's game with the Lakers.

"I think it's also a good thing because there's some frustration there because we need to play better. If the frustration is everyone pulling in the same direction, it's a positive thing. And I feel that's the case. But it comes down to, enough talking. Go out and perform, go out and get the results that we expect. You have to be able to work together. The chemistry is very important. They have that. It hasn't been as consistent as any of us would like, lately. But it's something that I think the character in the locker room, and the people you're talking about, know that it's very important for everybody to be on the same page."

When pressed a bit further, Del Negro said: "There's not this big friction thing going on that everyone thinks."