The Philadelphia 76ers have been eliminated from playoff contention and Jrue Holiday is exhausted.

He is averaging career highs in points (18.1) assists (8.5), rebounds (4.3) and minutes per game (38.4).

With six games to go, Holiday admits that he's dragging.

"It's been tiring, obviously. I won't lie," Holiday said. "It's my first time really going through a season where you're averaging more than 35 minutes. It's about taking care of yourself. There's a lot of things that I can't do that other people probably can. I'm sleeping all day instead of waking up and going out and watching a movie or something. I'm in bed all day."

Holiday has shot 12-for-55 (21.8 percent) over his past three games, including a 2-for-24 stinker at Charlotte.

"That's something that you also have to learn," Holiday said of the mental aspect. "I was talking to the vets, like Damien [Wilkins] and Dorell [Wright] and all the guys that have been here and been on good and bad teams and really just going through that struggle. It's just something new and something I'm trying to get through."