On the wrong side of 30, Dwyane Wade hears critics talking whenever he has a bad game with the Miami Heat.

"When you're doing it front of the public eye and people are taking shots at you and you're not feeling well, it frustrates you," he said. "If I'm not crying about, if I'm not out there saying 'Woe is me,' then I don't feel it needs to be discussed."

LeBron James sees what the criticisms do to Wade on a daily basis.

"It was pissing him off more than anything while he was getting jabbed by everybody saying he's not the same," James said.

Wade has missed the past five games with a sore knee and ankle. He hobbled through the last postseason with knee issues, but Miami still won the title. He has played well since January when on the floor.

Since January, he has averaged 22 points, 5.4 rebounds, 5.4 assists and 2.3 steals and shot 52.7% from the field.

"I don't have an ego in terms of what people say about me now or my role on this team because I know I'm a hell of a player," Wade said. "I know I can be a top five player and lead the league in scoring if I didn't decide to take a lesser role. That doesn't' take away from what I've done in this game and what I'll continue to do in this game and what I can still do."