J.J. Redick will be a free agent this summer and he figures to cash in with the market being down.

The Milwaukee Bucks, who acquired Redick from the Orlando Magic in February, have cap space and have told the shooter that they hope to have him over the long-term.

Redick could land a contract worth $8 million annually over four or five years.

"I think for any player sometimes, if the money is so different between offers, you go with the money," Redick said frankly. "You secure you and your family's financial future. But there's other things, for sure."

Redick, headed to the playoffs with the Bucks, wants to win as well.

"Hypothetically, if there were multiple offers, I think you just have to value things out," he said. "You do put a value on winning. You put a value on peace, the situation, the organization, who the coach is, who your teammates are. Then, of course, the money – that's another factor you have to weigh."