Miles Plumlee, who was selected by the Indiana Pacers with the 26th overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, has spoken with his brother Mason in preparation for the draft this June.

“The biggest thing I’ve told (Mason) is to be in great shape,” Plumlee told RealGM. “I think that’s the first thing they look for on these teams. They’ve watched all your film, they know what you can bring to the table. But just showing them how much you want it, how hard you’re willing to work for it, is really big.”

While teams heavily analyze film and scouting reports, an individual workout is also a critical component of the evaluation process.

“For me, I think it was even more important than it will be for (Mason),” Plumlee told RealGM. “I don’t think I got to demonstrate as much of my game while I was in college as he did, but it’s important for a lot of people. I think he can show them his mid-range shot and that kind of stuff that he didn’t do as much during the year.”

Unlike most post players, Miles believes Mason’s playmaking ability can separate him in this draft class.

“Our games have changed a lot since we were kids, but the biggest thing that’s stayed a part of Mason’s game from a young age is his passing ability,” Plumlee told RealGM. “I think even as a post player he’s had to work at not being a pass first guy, but I think that’ll be a great thing. He’s easy to play with, he’s going to look for the open guys, and he likes to share the ball.”