Jarrett Jack and his agent have re-enforced to Golden State Warriors management that he wants to re-sign with the organization this offseason, when the guard will become a free agent.

"Hopefully, I can stay right here," Jack said. "I told my agent. I’m sure he spoke to the powers that be that I have desires to stay right here and help this franchise grow to the best of its ability.

“I think it’s just a perfect marriage. My teammates, the camaraderie we have, I like my role. I like what I’m able to bring to this team. Could I go somewhere and it would be bigger, but we might not be playing for as much? I try to make it a perfect marriage. The economics, that’s going to take precedent at times, but you also want to be happy. That’s the most fulfilling thing I have playing on this team.”

Jack has been a vital reserve for the Warriors all season and is averaging 19.7 points and eight assists in three playoff games.

"Could I go somewhere else and [start]? Yeah," Jack said. "But I like who we have here. I like the role that I’m in and am comfortable in. If it’s able to work out, I would love to be back here.”