LeBron James has donated $1 million to his alma mater, St. Vincent-St. Mary, to renovate the school’s gym.

James will be heavily involved in the planning.

“I’m a hands-on guy and this is going to be more hands-on because it’s something that means a lot to me,” James said. “I’ll try to be hands on with coach [Dru Joyce II], with the school, with the floor, the locker rooms, the bleachers. … I have a good sense of what stadiums or arenas or schools or gyms should look like.”

The project will be named the LeBron James Arena and will include a new gym floor, lighting, bleachers, locker rooms, restrooms and an upgraded training room.

James agreed he might have more than $1 million taste.

“I’ve got to keep it right there now. I’ve got to be responsible,” he said. “I told coach Dru, ‘We’ve got a budget. We’ve got to stay inside that budget.’”