Dwyane Wade attempted just seven shots in the Miami Heat's Game 3 win over the Chicago Bulls, but he made it clear once again that he is willing to accept a lesser role as part of a championship favorite.

“You can only play this game for so long, and when you leave this game, what memories are you going to have? That’s what I asked myself. What memories do I want to have?” Wade said Sunday. “And those memories that I want to have are memories of success as a team. And that’s why you make decisions like this.

“And it’s not easy. It’s hard.”

Wade has also dealt with knee issues this season, but he will not discuss the knee.

“It is what it is,” Wade said. “I’m dealing with the same thing, and some moments are better than others

“Would I ever have thought five years ago that I’d be in a playoff game and I’d take seven shots — hell no — but at the end of the game, was I [upset] about it? No. We won; I moved on; had a great dinner.”