When Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers engaged in an argument on the floor about a mistaken defensive assignment in Game 3, Joakim Noah elevated the situation by demonstratively clapping in their direction.

"Those are called, 'Miami Heat huddles,' 'Miami Heat exchanges,' 'Miami Heat dialogue,'" said Erik Spoelstra on I get much more concerned when our dialogue is not passionate."

The Heat responded to that exchange with a 34-point output in the fourth quarter.

"That was a healthy conversation that was very demonstrative and animated," Spoelstra said. "But it was very specific and detailed to our spacing. I actually very much like that dialogue."

"We had a specific game plan that we talked about," Bosh explained. "I made a play and he didn't follow that game plan. I was going to be in a specific place and he thought I was going to be in another place. And I had to talk about it.

"We got over it. We talked about it. And we ironed it out and that was it after that."