Sam Hinkie is gearing up to interview top prospects at the NBA draft combine in Chicago.

"It's rare that you get the opportunity to meet some of these players,” Hinkie said. “Some of these players won't come to a particular city to work out or won't come based on your draft position. When you go to Chicago, you get to interview the players and see them up close.

"Even if it's not a target that you can reach now, a player that you think will go too high for Philadelphia's current draft position, I very much want to meet him, I very much want to quiz him, I very much want to try and understand what makes him tick because he will be a trade target in the coming years, he will be a free-agent target in 4 years, he might be a maximum target to recruit on July 1 in 9 years, and this instance now is worth collecting and learning."

The Sixers currently have the 11th pick in the draft, which will be held on June 27.