Joe Dumars is “comfortable” with the Detroit Pistons staying in the middle of the draft lottery.

"I'm good with it," Dumars said during a conference call with reporters Tuesday night. "I just talked to Tom Gores about five minutes (ago) and I basically said the same thing ... there are no franchise changers, there's no franchise guy, really, that you're looking at in this particular draft.

"So to be at seven or eight, we're going to get a good player.  We'll add another really nice piece to the core we that already have and we'll move forward.  So like I said, I'm very, very comfortable with it and OK with it -- totally OK with it."

Dumars said the Pistons are most focused on perimeter players.

"You rate these wing guys and it gets to the point where the ones you rated in the top seven or eight (are off the board), so why not take the best big guy or the best player on the board at that point?" he said.  "Our preference is to look at the perimeter with this particular pick.  But by no means are we locked into that where that's all we're going to take, no matter what."