Chris Hansen had a candid interview with KJR in Seattle where he discussed his ownership group's future plans to bring an NBA team to the area.

Hansen reached an agreement to purchase the Sacramento Kings from the Maloof family with the intention of moving them to Seattle.

"We're not going to be going to another city as a predator again," said Hansen. "The last thing we want is people in other cities fearing our group, 'if you don't get this done we're taking your team.'"

Hansen was surprised by the way in which Sacramento brought together a viable ownership group to keep the Kings from moving.

"If we'd known that there would have been such strong support to keep the team in Sacramento, we'd have approached it differently," said Hansen.

Hansen also expressed support for David Stern and that he doesn't hold a grudge against Seattle.

"I don't think that David Stern has it out for Seattle," said Hansen.