Mike Budenholzer plans to emphasize ball movement as head coach of the Atlanta Hawks.

A longtime assistant to Gregg Popovich, Budenholzer believes the Spurs’ offensive system is catching on with other teams.

“I think the league and the NBA, whether it’s fundamentals or the style of playing, is moving toward the style that we’re playing,” Budenholzer said. “I look forward to bringing to Atlanta the ball movement and people movement and people sharing and participating and a little bit less of the one on one.

“It’s something you have to believe in and you have to sell. I think in the initial stages it may be a little difficult, but in the long run players, coaches, fans and everyone will enjoy it and see the benefits.”

Budenholzer intends to build around Al Horford and the financial flexibility Danny Ferry created before the 2012-13 season.

The Hawks could have as much as $40 million in cap space this summer.

“We want to build it and so as a coach that is exciting,” Budenholzer said. “That is why to me, that roster element in making the decision was strong.”