Due to the success of the Miami Heat going small in last season's playoffs, Erik Spoelstra further embraced the concept in strategy and in personnel.

The Heat had the best regular season record in the NBA and posted excellent numbers, but their lack of size has been an issue against the frontcourt of the Indiana Pacers.

Pat Riley was sold on the practice by Spoelstra, though it went against his commonly believed notions of how to win in the NBA.

"Pat Riley is a guy that believes in having big men," said Windhorst in an ESPN podcast with Bill Simmons. "Pat Riley almost took Chris Kaman ahead of Dwyane Wade in 2003 because he knew how important it was to have a franchise center. At the time, Alonzo Mourning had just gone to New Jersey. If you look at Riley, he believes in the need to have a center."

Wade was selected by the Heat with the fifth overall pick, while the Los Angeles Clippers drafted Kaman sixth.