The Phoenix Suns have investigated the possibility of another first-round pick beyond their No. 5 and No. 30 slots.

“We’ve talked to a few teams about getting in the draft at different ranges,” Ryan McDonough said. “We have good assets to do that. We have to evaluate all of these guys, figure out where they’re going to go. And then if we can get in at a particular range where a guy is undervalued, we’ll try to get in and get him there.”

McDonough worked out six players on Friday, including C.J. Leslie, who could be on the board when it’s time for the Suns to make their second selection.

“Good athlete, very long, can do some nice things attacking from the elbow,” McDonough said. “It (the NBA) is becoming more positionless. For a guy with C.J.’s size and length and athletic ability, to be able to defend some of these really athletic 3s (small forwards) with some size, that would be intriguing to a guy like me.”