The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers have reopened talks on a deal involving Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett.

The Clippers broke off talks on Tuesday, reportedly due to uneasiness about the financial ramifications. But the Clippers returned to the table with the understanding Chris Paul seeks its completion.

Rivers was scheduled to meet with Danny Ainge on Wednesday.

In the discussed trade, the Clippers would send DeAndre Jordan and multiple picks to the Celtics for the right to hire Rivers and to acquire Garnett.

Garnett has a no-trade clause and will waive it to join the Clippers.

Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times reported that a resolution to discussions was not expected on Wednesday and that they will be picked up on Thursday morning.

Sources told ESPN, however, that the Clippers have relented from their previous unwillingness to give the Celtics a second first round pick. There is optimism that a deal will be reached in agreement in principle by Thursday morning.

ESPN has also learned that the teams will need to convince the NBA that the Garnett trade and the Rivers' deal are not contingent upon each other. The CBA does not allow coaches to be traded, though teams can convey cash and/or draft picks as compensation.