Kobe Bryant continues to rehab his surgically repaired Achilles and is encouraged by the early results.

“I think it’s going to be fine, I think it’s going to be more than fine. I’m very pleased with where I’m at,” Bryant said. “I can get up in the morning, get up and walk to the bathroom like nothing was wrong. There was a point where you’d get up and it’s really stiff cause I’d been immobile all night and it was tough to walk a little bit. It feels better than it did before I got hurt.”

Bryant is progressing in his rehab, although he is still months away from a return to the court.

“At the beginning stages, it was just really boring stuff. Just trying to get out the inflammation, trying to break up the scar tissue, make sure your toes are working – that sort of stuff,” Bryant said. “Now I’m starting to do a little bit more things – walking on the Alter G (treadmill), doing a little bit of the elliptical, doing some strength work, like calf raises and things like that.”

Bryant is eagerly awaiting the day he can rehab without restrictions.

“As soon as they take the governor off, when they think the tendon is strong enough for me to progress to really heavy weights, more conditioning, running and things like that, then it’s on me,” Bryant said. “I won’t have any fear or any worry of having the tendon rupturing again. There’s nothing I can do about it. If it goes again, it goes again. Once I’m ready to go, it’s going to be on.”