Royce White is ready to play for the Philadelphia 76ers, but is unsure how the team will handle his anxiety disorder, which includes a well-publicized fear of flying.

White was asked about the possibility of making 100 flights during a season.

“Hell no,” he said after playing for the Walnut Creek YMCA Wednesday night in the YMCA Capital City League at Valley Southwoods Freshman High School.

“One hundred flights would be like if you’re allergic to peanut butter – it’d be like spreading your whole body with it.”

The Houston Rockets provided White a bus last season, but he doesn’t know what the situation will be with the Sixers.

“There have been no discussions with Philadelphia,” White said. “We’re not able to do that until the trade becomes official.”

White hoped to play for the Rockets late last season, after playing a month in the D-League.

“The Rockets just didn’t elect to bring me up, because they felt the chemistry they built up in my absence was good,” White said. “That was probably true. They did well in the playoffs.”