Michael Reinsdorf is likely to succeed his father as chairman of the Chicago Bulls.

Michael, the second of Jerry Reinsdorf’s four children, has been representing the Bulls at NBA Board of Governors meetings for the last eight years.

"I found that I was unable or unwilling to devote the time to the Bulls that needed to be devoted," Jerry Reinsdorf said. "He was fully ready to step into that position. And I always felt that I undermanaged the Bulls by not being there on an everyday basis."

Said Michael: "I think there was a little bit of a feeling among some people that, well, Jerry's passionate about the White Sox but not passionate about the Bulls. And I think having myself involved here makes it clear to the people inside the office and the people outside the office that the Chicago Bulls are incredibly important to my father."

The elder Reinsdorf has handed many of the day-to day operations over to his son.

"I think he's more involved in the Bulls now from a business perspective, now that I'm here, because I talk to him on a daily basis," Michael Reinsdorf said. "There are times I try to push off decisions to him, and he pushes it right back to me."