Chris Paul believes Blake Griffin is the key to the Los Angeles Clippers' championship aspirations, and the guard went as far as to say the team will go as far as his big man can take them.

"Blake is one of those guys, where his age has nothing to do with anything," Paul said. "People may say he's a young guy, but he's been special in this league, he's been an All-Star. His voice carries a lot of weight and I think our team will definitely go as Blake goes.

"He's our guy, and he's good enough to do so."

Paul admits he is frustrated with not contending for an NBA title yet in his career.

"You know what, it's fun and I have a great time trying to show my personality and things like that," Paul said of his marketing opportunities in Los Angeles. "But at the end of the day, one thing I never do is let it take away from basketball. That's my biggest focus, winning basketball games. That's my first priority."