Avery Bradley has looked fit and says he is up to 196 pounds, the most he has ever weighed, with the hopes of lasting through a full season without wearing down.

"I feel a lot stronger, sometimes even when I’m walking down the street in Boston people will say, 'You look a lot bigger now.' And I laugh," Bradley said. "I’ve been eating a lot different, I’ve been lifting every single day, I weigh the most I ever weighed -- like 196, that's a lot for me and I’m hoping I can stay like 188 throughout the season. I feel a lot better.

"Towards the end of the season, my body was kinda breaking down on me. I was getting a little sick and stuff, so I wasn’t eating. But I feel a lot better now."

Bradley is entering a major season for his development as a core piece on the Boston Celtics.

"I can’t wait until the season starts," Bradley said. "I’ve been in the gym every single day, trying to get better, now that I can. I’m just excited, I can’t wait for the first preseason game, I can’t wait for training camp."