Throughout the offseason, Ray Allen has continued to hear about "The Shot," his clutch three-pointer to send Game 6 of the NBA Finals into overtime. The Miami Heat won the game and won the series in Game 7.

"It doesn't matter where I went, where I've gone, what city or state I was in, it's all people could talk about," Allen said. "I always have to let people know that in that situation, being a part of a team, I was part of the reason. Everybody kept telling me I was the reason. We had 15 parts of the reason. You look back on the season and somebody always did something to help our team win a game. That's what being a great teammate is all about."

After Game 6, Heat players talked about how upset they were at watching the NBA prepare for the San Antonio Spurs' victory celebration, bringing out a yellow line around the court and setting up the championship trophy.

"I was pretty angry," Allen said. "The audacity of the league, and this is not even their fault, but just the fact that they did that, on our home floor, when we still had say-so in the matter and had a chance to change the outcome. That's always going to be a lesson to me and to anybody. You don't give up. You keep fighting to the end. And we did that."