The Charlotte Bobcats hired Steve Clifford this offseason as head coach and he sees Al Jefferson, another addition to the franchise, as the greatest current strength in the roster.

“We have a premier low-post scorer (Jefferson), which not many teams have. And we have depth – those would be the two things that stick out to me.”

Clifford believes Jefferson's presence will have a trickle down effect on the rest of the team.

“Basketball is a game that starts at the top of your roster. Whoever has the best single player on the floor has a decided advantage. He immediately becomes our best offensive player, with the ability to attract a second defender and make the play to get another player a good shot.

“The challenge for our team is the post-up (scorer) is a dependent position. He depends on others to get him the ball. Him getting the ball where he wants it and when he wants it will be critical. That means our spacing and our ability to play out of his double-teams become critical areas, too.”