Mike Woodson says J.R. Smith has a shot to start in the "wide open" competition for the starting shooting guard position.

“He’s in the mix, too,’’ Woodson said of Smith. “If things turn out well for him coming back, he can possibly slip in.’’

Iman Shumpert does not have his starting role locked up and is dealing with a sore right shoulder.

“Nothing major,’’ Shumpert said. “I want to make sure I’m healthy before I go out there. This is minor. Rest right now is good. They don’t want to push it. If it’s sore today, chill out, no rush. We just need you healthy for the first game. No point in getting a 1,000 jump shots up while I’m sore.

“I’m glad it’s not my knee, man, honestly."

Smith was given a five-game suspension in the offseason and is rehabilitating a knee injury.