Rod Thorn traded Stephon Marbury for Jason Kidd in 2001, which was a riskier move at the time for the Brooklyn Nets than it is now remembered.

Marbury was one of the NBA's best young point point guards, while Kidd was already midway through his career.

“Marbury at the time, was a tremendous talent,” Thorn said earlier this week. “The jury was out on who got the better of the deal prior to the players playing. People saying why would [the Nets] take a 28-year-old guy and give up a 22-year-old guy, why would they do that? 

“Here is a guy who has his whole future ahead of him, he’s already an All-Star, he is a New York product, why would they do that? A lot of people felt that.” 

Marbury was an All-Star in 2001.

“Our feeling was after our first year was we had some talent on the team but we lacked defense, rebounding and chemistry,” Thorn explained of his thinking. “We didn’t share the ball real well with each other, defensively, we just weren’t very good at all and rebounding-wise we were below average.” 

The Nets doubled their win total during Kidd's first season.

“Jason was what put it all together,” Thorn said.