Chris Kaman admitted after Sunday's win that he is having difficulty adjusting to an evolving role on the Los Angeles Lakers, which includes low minutes.

"It's not easy, but I want to be patient with Coach because he's a good guy and he's been straight with me," Kaman said.. "We've talked and he's said, 'Hey, I want to get you in there more, but I'm trying to do everything.'

"It's hard to make everybody happy and do your job and win. There's a lot going on there for him."

Kaman missed 10 days after the team returned from China this preseason because of salmonella and is still working his way back into the rotation after finding a comfort zone in the front court playing with Gasol.

"I want to be patient, but it is frustrating when you play 13, 12, 18 [minutes]. I want it to be consistent," Kaman said. "At the same time I'm willing to be patient and trust Coach to figure it out and we'll see how it goes.